Virtual Architect | Doing business in a changing world, environment & economy

Our business concept is simple: design creatively, keep costs down, improve productivity and do our part to make the planet a healthier place.

sustainable building

We are committed to promoting green sustainable building principles beginning with our pursuit of utilizing B.I.M. (Building Information Model) technologies. As an ongoing effort to participate in environmental stewardship, we are committed to the education and implementation of sustainable design through the use of LEED programs and philosophy.

expertise from around the globe

The Principal Architect and Associate Architects are presently located in Canada, USA, and China. Our architectural practice is not confined regionally, by using today’s most advanced and available technologies, like thinkers and their talents, expertise and experience come together in a virtual office.

innovative thought & design

in site analysis, project planning, and municipal procedures is combined with the latest technologies to produce timely project delivery, thorough construction documentation, cost conscious and functional design.


“I believe that as architects we are responsible for shaping and redirecting the future of our cities, communities and the environment. It has never been more relevant and necessary to plan and design for the future through socially conscience, sustainable, and engaging architecture.”
John Clark, Principal